Hire Exhibition Stands – Q & A

If hire stands can’t create the most spectacular stand – we don’t know what will!

Along with pop up stands, banners and exhibition bundles we are now seeing more options for the hiring aspect. The hire solution can be great for any exhibitor as the system is simple and stress free.

Most hire stands offer assembly and dismantle which is a fantastic feature as the stand will be set up for you, leaving you the time to get yourself ready and prepared for the busy and exciting day ahead.

From printed panels, lockable storage, print roof panels and light up walls, the hire stands can create the stand of your dreams and can make an incredible impact at your event.



3m x 3m Stand

How does this differ to a general exhibition stand?

Firstly, the design of the stand and the system used is a different style and requires the supplier to assemble and dismantle the frame, graphics and accessories. A lot of the work will be done for you, which takes off a massive amount of pressure.


Which budgets will the hire stands work for?

For the hire stands, you will see a wide range of options available to you from low – high budgets. Not only will there be something for your budget, but you can see the stand as designed with the provided visuals.  You will be able to find stands which are simple but effective or push the boat out if you would like something a little more extravagant.


Do you keep any of the stand?

The stand frame and accessories are part of the hire package, which cannot be kept and will go back to the supplier. However, the printed panels are the custom part of the stand which are yours, if you would like to keep them at the end of the show, feel free to let the supplier know!


Can I add my own accessories?

The answer is yes, you are able to use accessories from a previous stand. Of course, add them to the stand, arrange how you wish and have the stands finishing touches completed by yourself.


Do I need to consider storage?

As the stand is kept with the supplier, no storage will be required from you as the customer. This is a great benefit as we know storage can be an issue if you have a large stand at your exhibition. The only thing to consider would be the panels if you were hoping to keep them at the end.

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