Why Graphic Design is Crucial for your Promotions…


Aesthetics and the way you present your organisation is at times as important if not more important than the products and services themselves. They may be revolutionary in terms of design, but without the appropriate promotions and branding, that innovation can be lost. The idea behind good design is to cut out the corporate clutter and clearly communicate to customers what the core ideals of your organisation are about. Humans are naturally quite judgemental beings and in many cases, you may only have a few seconds to grab their attention before it passes onto something else. There is a very good reason why global companies spend millions every year on promotions which are essentially just a picture or a 15-second-long clip.


Even for small businesses who cannot dedicate incredible sums towards marketing, any kind of promotions such as your company logo and leaflets require due care and attention to maximise their effectiveness. For example, if you’re a self-employed tradesman; any business cards or promotional material you hand out to people should be indicative of the service you provide. Customers typically will be looking for someone they can trust without paying huge fees. So printing just your company name and telephone number on a cheap bit of paper and stuffing it through a letterbox is never going to get the same kind of response as paying a bit more for professionally designed material.




Colours can have a subtle yet crucial impact on how your promotions are received. We all have our favourite colours, but from an early age we naturally begin to make associations with colours and certain elements. For example, when we see green we immediately begin to assume it is related to being natural and quite soothing because of the association we make with green grass. The same goes for every other colour in the spectrum and you can find out more about each here. So analyse your target market and select the colours which will appeal to them. There is nothing wrong with including your organisation’s colours, but that does not mean they have to cover all of your promotional material!




The same goes for the layout of any of your promotional material. It is often the little things which you do not usually take note of which in fact make the biggest impact. For example, when we receive a leaflet crammed with ‘deals’, our first instinct is that there will be nothing of value in there. But if you make a small tweak to the design and make a large central offer larger than the rest, then we instinctively begin to assign more value to it. Even if the reality is that they could save money with other products, it is the way that the page is designed that has grabbed their attention.


So when you are designing your own promotional material, use this to your advantage. Highlight the facts which make your organisation unique and remember to make sure that they are what your target audience wants to hear. Everybody wants to be original, but there are a few tried and tested techniques which are always valuable once included in your own promotions. Another is to remember to leave white space. If you have just a few seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention, then filling the page with as much information as possible will do more to turn them away than draw them in. Keep any key points short but remember to get the message across. This can take a few re-drafts to get it right, but once perfected, your promotions will be able to make that instant impact which will show potential customers how you are different from your competitors.




We’ve probably all heard the clichéd “a picture tells a thousand words” quote by this point, but there is some substance behind it. Especially in the context of cutting down on the amount of text you use, a great image even when smaller in size can illustrate what you are trying to say significantly better than perhaps words ever can.


If you are looking into creating your own promotional material but are unsure where to start, then we have our own graphic design service where we can create tailored promotions to effectively market your business. For more information of the services on offer, please give us a call on 01733 392592 or send an e-mail to [email protected] and we would be more than happy to help.


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