Simple Design Tips for Improving Your Content

We’ve all been victims of spam before, whether it drops into our letterbox or our inbox, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid at this point. Because of this, it can be a challenge to create content which is not tarnished with the same brush. With a bit of intuition and a healthy amount of proofing, there are plenty of tricks you can use which will grab a potential customer’s attention, rather than being flogged into the nearest bin. One of the best places to start is to always get other people’s opinion. What may look great to you perhaps does not to everyone else, so keep an open mind with your content so it can make the best possible impact.


Keep It Simple:


It feels like we can use this phrase in so many different walks in life, but this is often the most crucial piece of advice when it comes to design work. The most glaring error that some designers make is to create content absolutely packed with information. Unfortunately, when this kind of content falls into someone’s hands, all they see is the wall of text in front of them as the core of the message is crowded out by calls to action everywhere you look and price tags littered in every available bit of space. We understand you are ultimately looking to secure a new client, but the design needs to be subtle and a brute force approach simply is not very effective anymore.


There Is No Need to Be Extravagant:


If you are not an experienced designer, it can get a bit exciting when you uncover the range of fonts and colours that you can experiment with. However, a word of caution, throwing in anything that catches your eye will more than likely result in an overpowering design which comes across as an eyesore rather than unique. While the world has moved past using times new roman, there really is no excuse for using comic sans anymore. You will begin to notice the trend in everything related to design that keeping things simple is often the way to go. As long as the text is easy to read and the colour scheme you pick out is unlikely to blind you, then your design is off to a good start.


Build Your Design Using a Framework:


Beginning to design with your eyes closed is the proverbial ‘recipe for disaster’. To get it right, you are going to need to do some work planning out the structure and creating a rough idea for the type of content you are looking to create. This means including simple tricks like retaining white space, avoiding cluttering the page and creating a central focus point. Even if it is just what you consider to be a scribble, being able to see a basic layout in front of you can help you to remain focused on the design you are hoping to achieve.


Take a look at some examples of some successful promotions in the past and note down elements which you think work and look to incorporate some of these in your own design. While it is important to make yours original and tailor it to your target audience, there is always value in taking inspiration from the work of other designers. For example, with some of the best you can begin to see how great designs can achieve so much while seemingly including so little.


Be Smart About Your Sales Pitch:


I think we are all too familiar with tacky leaflets seemingly everywhere which splatter the phrases; “DEAL”, “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” and “GETS YOURS NOW” from the top of the page right to the bottom. There is a quite glaringly obvious reason why these leaflets have very little success, simply put, people do not like having products constantly being shoved in front of them. Great content and great marketing excels at hiding the sales pitch behind intuitive messages. This call to action features once, but is often overpowered by a central focus point, often an eye-catching image which suggests that the content is about something more than just another leaflet.


If you have some great ideas for your content but you are looking for a professional designer to create the graphics, then we offer our own graphic design service. This provides you with the opportunity to work with our graphic designers to develop a range of promotional material such as logos, leaflets, business cards and more. For further information, you can give us a call on 01733 392592 or send an e-mail to [email protected].



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