How to Create a Well-Designed Promotion to Generate Success


Promotions whether they are in a paper or a digital form have a huge amount of potential to attract new business as well as retain the clients which you currently have. The best promotions can rejuvenate sales and enquiries during quiet periods or drive even more business through the door at peak times. But getting the design of the promotion right is crucial to its success because if it is poorly designed, then it risks doing more to alienate your clientele rather than encouraging them to work with you. From content right the way through to the delivery, each stage of the promotion needs to be carefully planned out in order to make it as successful as possible.


Before You Begin:


Instead of diving head first into the appearance of the promotion, it is important to lay out the framework from which your promotion will be built around. This means identifying a target audience which will provide the basis for what your graphics, offers and more will be focused on. Identifying this will help to refine and stylise the remainder of the promotion and most importantly it will impact on the products you choose to include right the way through to the colours and fonts which are used to entice the reader.


Next, begin outlining what goals you have for the promotion and what you hope the final result can be. With so many design options ahead, it is crucial to keep focused on what you want to achieve in order to create a promotion for how you are going to achieve it. This means identifying whether it is to generate new sales, retain your existing clientele or boost business during your quieter times during the year.


Think Smart:


There are a few tricks which you can employ when it comes to the promotion itself and there is a host of different theories and content which you can find online to help makes yours more effective. One of the more prominent theories that is well worth remembering is to take advantage of human nature. We are all instinctive and the thought that we may be missing out on something helps to drive our desire to buy, which becomes the focal point for the design of major promotion campaigns.


Another interesting quirk that we have is the idea that once we see less, we immediately assume that it is worth more. Consider leaflets that get posted through your door from local businesses which squeeze as many products onto the page as possible. If you were to increase the size of just one of them, the brain immediately begins assigning a higher value to it, regardless of whether it is actually a better offer than the others on the page.


Design with These Factors in Mind:


Once it comes down to adding each element to the page, everything that is placed should be thoroughly thought through by comparing it with the points from above. For example, is the font appropriate for another professional business? Or is the colour scheme right when you are aiming towards children. Even the smallest details can turn potential clients away, so the design of your promotion should be drafted and re-drafted several times until it is at a stage where it can be as effective as possible.


Integrating slick design with a practical framework will provide your promotion with all of the elements required to achieve your target. By keeping your goals in mind, it is far easier to keep the promotion polished and refined without straying away with fancy embellishments which draw the reader away from what you are hoping to achieve.


If you are looking into creating newsletters, leaflets or other promotional material, then we can help with your design. Please give us a call on 01733 392592 or send an e-mail to [email protected] and a member of our team can help to explore the options available.


How to Create a Well-Designed Promotion to Generate Success

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