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What Are Exhibition Stands?


Exhibition stands; the backdrop for any stall holder at trade shows, correct? Well, nearly. When many of us think of exhibition stands, the common image which springs to mind are these fantastic displays employed by companies in vast exhibition halls. If you have never been, then there is a lot to learn. Exhibition stands, while popular at conventions such as these are commonly used at pretty much any location where other people are in sight. Fayres, receptions, exhibitions, trade shows, in the middle of shopping centres, they really do pop up anywhere.
So what is the point? It is common to just go along with the trend of how everyone else does it, but considering the price of some (not all!) exhibition stands, they do have an important purpose. If you have an image of an exhibition stand in your head, then retain the location and remove the stand itself and what are you left with? Probably a person, stood in a suit, nervously walking around trying to engage with anyone who will exchange a glance with them. Without the stand, the representatives lose a sense of legitimacy. With one, it helps to build the profile of the individual and the organisation and helps to make a positive first impression.


Exhibition Stands Create a Foundation to Impress


Like in any walk of life, first impressions count for a great deal and it does not matter if you are an international conglomerate or working out of your bedroom. I would not go as far as to say you constantly require one following you around in order to pique the attention of everyone you meet, but in B2B and B2C environments, it’s important to have something which is going to help you to stand out. Sure, a huge exhibition stand can quite literally help you to stand above the rest, but will it bring in enough interest to see a return on your investment? Often it is the little things such as a great design or an interesting idea which generates success.
Everything which leads individuals to do business with you is built upon image. From how you are dressed right through to the product or service itself. If your customers love the work that you do, let others know about it. If a couple of well-respected journalists or bloggers endorse what you do, be sure to get it out there (avoid bragging!). The same concept applies when you are exhibiting. Dress smartly, back yourself up with a quality, well designed exhibition stand and master your approach, then I guarantee you will see more success.


How to Pick Out the Right Exhibition Stand for You…


The next step is picking out which exhibition stand is suitable for you and there a few factors we need to consider before we begin. Firstly, your budget should consider how much success you expect to get. If it is your first time, don’t go wild with the stand, get something smart and simple like a roller banner or some display boards. These have the unique quality of being re-usable for years. Invest a bit extra for quality graphic design and you will have a portable tool which can be used at exhibitions, meetings, presentations – anywhere indoors where you are promoting your brand.
If you are starting to look a bit higher on the market, perhaps because your major event of the year is coming up, then you can probably afford to start looking at pop-up stands or streamline exhibition stands. Both can be used to create a professional and stylish backdrop which is going to help your brand to stand out against the competition. They are both also incredibly easy to set up and pack away, meaning even a small team can transport and manage the stand. Crucially, this means they can be taken away and saved for other exhibition dates.
Finally, there are bespoke modular exhibition stands. These are recommended for seasoned exhibitors who have the budget to spare to creating a unique stand which is guaranteed to grab the attention of passers-by. Obvious pitfalls here are the huge spike in price and if it is a unique size, the chances that it will fit your stand at the next exhibition are seriously diminished.


Making Your Vision Become a Reality


The key to any great exhibition stand is an eye-catching design. Your stand might scale a whole wall, but if it is covered with naff designs and blurry images, then your brand is more likely to become a laughing stock. Great design is often not what you picture in your head, which is why it is often best left to a professional graphic designer. If you really are intent on going it alone, then please, for the sake of exhibitors and consumers everywhere, have it checked by multiple people before you print. Exhibitions at the core are there to show off the great work you do and let people know about your products and services, not shine the spotlight on your tacky exhibition stand which you rattled out a design for one Tuesday evening.
Professional graphic designers have that title for a reason and that’s because they know what looks great. Many exhibition experiences are ruined by shoddy craftsmanship in the design department, so ensure you have an exhibition stand which is going to set you up for success.
We will be going into more detail later this month on what parts of the graphic design you should be looking out for, just to keep the design on track. In the meantime, if your interest has been peaked in exhibition stands, then you can check out some of styles that we manufacture here at Go Displays. If you are looking for additional advice on any of the queries that you have, then please give us a call on 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Exhibition Stands

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