Top 4 Benefits of Promotional Counters


With the release of the Phoenix Promotional Counter this month, we’ve been looking at what makes promotional stands so effective and why they can now be integrated in more environments than ever. In the past, promotional counters have become somewhat synonymous with trying to drive sales to as many customers as possible, and while this is true to an extent, there are a variety of ways that they can be used to become a much more effective marketing tool. We’ve been taking a look back at how some of our previous clients have made the most of promotional counters, and exploring how their strategy can be adopted by others.


  1. Give The Edge to Your Exhibition Stand


As exhibition stand designs continue to get more and more complex, we are continuing to see promotional counters of all shapes and sizes being integrated into many. The main lure of promotional counters in this space is that they can be utilised very much in the same way as a shop front. Companies spend thousands creating interesting and eye-catching displays and the same applies for exhibition stands. While the exhibition stand itself will play a role in grabbing the interest of passers-by, it is what you have to offer which will draw them into having a conversation and promotional counters provide the perfect platform for this.


  1. Take It Anywhere


The design of promotional counters has advanced over the years and now many are easily converted into carry cases. This provides the potential for it to be transported to various different events such as meetings, presentations and much more. Instead of just being part of a wider stand, promotional counters are able to be utilised as marketing tools on their own, which allows your branding to go with you.


  1. Completely Customisable


Thankfully, the design of promotional counters has finally begun to move away from the stereotypical design which looks somewhat like a glorified lemonade stand. Instead, there are a huge range of designs out there made from a variety of different materials such as glass and wood. Obviously, practicality comes to mind when opting for promotional counters in these materials, however they provide a sleek and more professional appearance for your brand. With our Phoenix Promotional Counter, we incorporate a graphic wrap around the counter itself, which means it can be personalised with bespoke graphic design.


  1. Re-Usable


With tight budgets which can leave very little room to manoeuvre, it is important for companies to gain the most from investments and the best ways of achieving this is to pick out a promotional counter which can be re-used over and over again. While premium counters can cost a bit extra, they ensure that only high quality materials are used and the promotional counter is designed to be used for the foreseeable future. This ensures the counter will remain at its optimum quality when travelling to various different exhibitions and events.


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