Talk To The Experts: What is Possible With Exhibition Stands?

Exhibition Stands Are Incredibly Adaptable


In the past, exhibition stands got a bit of a bad reputation for being one of the tools which you use once and then abandon on the show floor once you are finished. Sure, after a busy weekend networking, talking to individuals and sitting through conferences, not having the pack it away and take it 100 miles north again can be a welcome relief. However, this sends costs through the roof and fortunately, the design of exhibition stands has now been adapted in order to remove this issue altogether.


Exhibition stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there are a great deal of events and situations where they can be useful tools to have on hand. From compact solutions that can be slung over your shoulder to 10-metre-long behemoths which seemed ridiculous at the time, but can in fact adapt to your needs, there is a huge variety available. The reason for this is that the needs for exhibitors is ever-changing. No longer are we preparing for that one event which provides a shot in the arm for the rest of the year. Instead, events take place on a local and national level throughout the year and exhibition stands have had to adapt to this changing landscape.

Pop-Up Stands Are Renowned for Being Well-Rounded


We are going to begin with the proverbial ‘bread and butter’ of the exhibition stand world. Pop-Up Stands are the ideal option when you don’t really know what you need. You’ve signed up for a few exhibitions and they have assigned you a 3 x 3m pitch, but now what do you do with it? Pop-up stands are designed with this kind of situation in mind. Not only are they available in sizes which are tailored to the common layouts often offered in exhibition halls, but they also make the process incredibly easy for you.


Pop-up by name, pop-up by nature. The less time you spend fiddling around with a screwdriver, the better. These exhibition stands expand as soon as they come out of the case and then all you need to do is hook the panels over the top. Yes, that’s really all there is to it. This is the well-rounded exhibition tool, designed for all occasions (outdoors is not advised!) and takes the stress out of setting up for you and your staff. This leaves extra time to start schmoozing with attendees and start spraying out those business cards to anyone who comes even remotely close to your stand.


To top this all off, they look pretty stylish too. Sure, they are relatively static, so the only unique spin you can manage will be with the graphic design, but the smooth design (looks even better with a curved stand) is more than enough to professionally present your organisation and show you are there to do business. Chances are that you won’t be winning best exhibition stand design at the show, but you will have a more than suitable platform to converse with potential clients.


Banner Stands Are As Much Of A Companion As They Are A Display Tool


For those that love squeezing every last drip from their budget, the Banner Stands are the ideal exhibition stand to go for. Enclosed in a small case which can be slung over your shoulder, the banner can simply be unreeled and propped upon a support pole in a matter of seconds. Regardless of where you are exhibiting, whether that is at a fayre, trade show or even during a presentation, these stands provide a quality and professional backdrop without all of the bravado that comes with larger exhibition stands.


Printed with high quality inks and pigments and then laminated, these stands are designed to last and barring significant damage to the panel, the banner stands can last for multiple exhibits, making it an invaluable tool to have on hand whenever you are promoting your brand. The best part is that they are by far and away the cheapest exhibition stand available, which means you can stretch your budget further into other areas.


Streamline Exhibition Stands Provide Unparalleled Flexibility


The Streamline Exhibition Stand is a unique addition which is exclusively manufactured here at Go Displays. This falls under the category of bespoke modular exhibition stands, often the area where you can expect to find premium solutions that can make a considerable impact when promoting your brand. Where the Streamline stands out from the rest is that is has a fully flexible design which is split into sections. When combined, these exhibition stands can expand across any space in a flat, curved or even flowing design. While with pop-up stands and banner stands you are limited to a static design, the Streamline can adapt to the space which you have available.


If you are wondering why Streamline exhibition stands are more beneficial than bespoke modular stands, then the reason is simple. Despite their size, as they are manufactured in sections, they can be modified show by show, which is incredibly handy if the size of your pitch is constantly changing. For example, they can cover five metres at the main event of the year, but can then be adjusted to cover 3 metres when exhibiting at a smaller event. Even if you wish to change the graphics, this can be simply done by picking up replacement panels and there is no need to invest in yet another exhibition stand.


In summary, the development of exhibition stands over the years has pushed them to becoming far more versatile and significantly more cost effective for the client. Each situation is unique, however the options available cover pretty much every need associated with exhibiting. At the end of the day, if you still cannot find what you need, get in touch with us here at Go Displays as we manufacture the exhibition stands, ensuring they are unique to each client.


If you would like to find out more about exhibition stands, then there is more detailed information on each type over at Go Displays. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team of advisors who can provide specific information on your requirements. They can be reached by calling 01733 232000 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


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