Promotional Counters – Better On Their Own or as Part of an Exhibition Stand?


In some of our previous blogs, we’ve explored the possibilities that are available when picking up a promotional counters for marketing and brand awareness exercises. We understand that for many businesses looking to invest in exhibition equipment, it is important to explore all of the avenues to ensure that the move will be worthwhile for your budget. So for example, we’ve worked with clients in the past who have chosen to integrate a promotional counters into their exhibition stand in preparation for the main exhibition of the year, only to find it is not needed at smaller expos. However, there is plenty more that can be done with promotional counters to further your brand awareness activities.


As Part of an Exhibition Stand:


When designed to be integrated as part of an exhibition stand, a promotional counter’s primary duty is to add more impact to the display. While you can expect to have a few meetings lined up and you may well have alerted a list of potential clients that will be in attendance, there is still a huge amount of potential to be found in the general footfall. There is a certain psychological element behind exhibiting, and it is all about presenting yourself as being inviting while treading the fine line which leads to being too aggressive while trying to convert.


Exhibition stands are a wonderful way of having a backdrop, but it is like having a fishing rod without providing any bait. This is where promotional counters can come in. Rather than being physically stood on the show floor shoving leaflets into the clasps of their hands, you should be stood at the precipice of the action with something which will encourage people to take notice and thus be genuinely interested in finding out more about your business. Activities, demonstrations, refreshments, anything which will help your exhibition stand out from the rest.


As A Standalone:


Originally, the sole purpose of a promotional counter was that it would be used as a standalone and often manned by a single representative. It can certainly still meet this purpose and there continues to be value in demonstrations and presentations in order to attract new business. Promotional counters are designed with this particular function in mind as they introduce more compact, lightweight designs which mean they are significantly easier to manoeuvre and transport when heading to events and exhibitions.


When used on their own, promotional counters can become a versatile and very effective marketing tool for small businesses in particular. When starting out and beginning to build your brand, there are a huge number of ways that this can be approached. What promotional counters provide you with, is a chance to meet people even if it is at smaller locations and smaller events. There can be great value from developing relationships locally, and opting for a standalone promotional counter creates a great opportunity to engage with the local population.


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