How to make the most out of your exhibition stand?!

It’s a question we’re asked all the time and we’re here to help you out and let you in on a few secrets.

As you gain experience from attending different shows and events, you will understand that the stand spaces differ, as does the cost, the size and the exhibition bundles available to you.

Now here lies the difficulty, is it possible to use the same stand for each event? How will it fit each time? And how can you make it look different?

To create multiple configurations or designs from one stand requires versatility – in fact a shed load! You require a system which can be swapped, changed and achieves the look you require each time, and it’s easier than you think.






Planning can massively help, if you have knowledge of the shows and events you wish to attend along with the relevant stand details, that’s a great start. Planning ahead of time and getting creative ensures you are prepared for the show but means you can easily mock up the stand design you wish to use for each event.



Flexible stands

Completed with flexible panels (like our Streamline System), allowing full movement of the panels so you curve, weave, shape and manipulate the panel and stand to create a design that is different every time. The 1m panels make the extension of the stand easier than ever, so the stand can be as wide as you need – fitting perfectly in to quite literally any stand space.


2.5m Flexible Streamline Exhibition Stand


New Artwork

If you have the benefit of an amazing modular flexible stand, why not go the whole hog and update your panels for each exhibition. Creating new artwork adds a new lease of life and promises to showcase a new stand for each event. Incorporating new products, logos or new information ensures keeping current and up to date with trends and company changes.



Printed Accessories

Yes, it’s all about the stand but the accessories can be just as important. Including branded accessories such as leaflet dispensers, counters and tablet holders, allows you to effortlessly continue with branding throughout your stand. Not only working great as part of a full stand design, but effectively used as an individual item at smaller fairs and events.


Printed exhibition plinth, created with Re-board (Eco-friendly)


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