Does lighting really transform your exhibition stand?

Whether you are attending your first exhibition, or your fifth, exhibiting is something you need to get right in order to maximise the benefits of having an exhibition stand. There are a range of aspect which will be carefully planned, designed and discussed in order to maximise return of investment from an exhibition.

Something which can sometimes be forgotten is lighting. Lighting should be an integral part of an exhibition stand to boost impact and engagement during the exhibition. Lighting has the power to transform your exhibition stand, thus you should exploit the benefits of using lighting.

So, why does lighting transform a stand?

By incorporating lighting into your stand, you will increase awareness of your stand, by up to 30-50%. Therefore, it is a powerful tool which can be used through different means to help your brand image pop.

There are several ways in which this can be achieved dependant upon what it is you wish to achieve with your lighting.

  • LED lighting
  • LED Floodlights
  • LED Spotlights
  • LED Instant counter
  • Easiglow LED lightbox
  • Inflatago LED column
  • Flooring with Neon light edging

So, how can these different lighting techniques help to enhance your stand?


The smart way to incorporate lights would be through the use of LED lights. LED’s can change the mood of your stand throughout the day. For example, warm white can help create a relaxed feel; while colours can make your stand shine and completely change the dynamics of your stand.
LED lights have many benefits, and these are explored below;

  • LED’s are suitable for those who are looking to be more Eco-friendly, they help reduce carbon footprint and use 90% less energy than a standard light bulb.
  • They use minimal power which means their temperature stays cool, these will not get hot like incandescent bulbs or halogens.
  • They can be safely handled, even at the end of an exhibition. Therefore, they are much safer as attendees or staff cannot burn themselves.
  • They offer increased flexibility, due to not heating up they can be placed closer to your graphics.
  • As they use less power this means you can save yourself money, you do not need to purchase multiple sockets from the show organisers, run up to 10 LED lights off one socket.
  • The last advantage to mention would be the fact they offer instant brightness, so you will shine bright from the moment you turn your lights on. Which is ideal when running an exhibition stand.

Led light up Tex-Flex Counter

LED Floodlights

The benefit of using floodlight is how it will illuminate a larger portion of your graphics. This is ideal when you want to highlight your graphic branding and catch the eyes of attendees to draw them to your stand.

LED Spotlights

If you are looking to highlight a specific section of your graphics to ensure they get noticed, then a spotlight is the ideal accessory for you. Illuminating specific sections is a great way to ensure attendees read or see the information desired.

Easiglow LED lightbox

The Easiglow lightbox will help you shine bright at your exhibition by lighting up your artwork to grab the attention of exhibition attendees. These can be used as a fantastic standalone panel or to have numerous panels placed around your stand. Alternatively, they can be connected together to create a showstopping stand that is unique, engaging, professional and dynamic.

Easiglow Display Bundles - lighting displays

LED instant counter

If you are incorporating a counter to your stand to greet and talk to exhibitors, why not maximise marketing opportunities with an LED counter. This is the perfect marketing tool that lights up your graphics from within, adding another dimension to your stand.

Inflatago LED column

The inflatable column is another great lighting tool that will bring a fun and unique light up display to any exhibition stand. This will illuminate through your custom print sleeve.

Neon light edging flooring

The use of Neon lighting incorporated into your flooring can illuminate the entire perimeter of your floor space, adding style and drawing exhibitors into your stand.  This will help your stand be much more prominent than the surrounding stands.


Led lighting for flooring


So, whenever you want to ensure results from an exhibition, it is vital you encompass light into your stand whether this is in one or more ways. Remember first impressions of a stand will leave a lasting impact on the attendees and will determine how successful you will be going forward.


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