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Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor or relative newcomer, I would wager that you know what a Pop-Up Stand is. It’s been the staple tool of the modern event marketer for the best part of two decades. The simplistic yet stylish design has ensured it is more affordable and more efficient than most custom-built alternatives. Its introduction came when there was a drastic shift in event marketing, as many of the key names turned away from dedicating huge sums to multiple events. In the line with most of the general advice that you will receive today, that means attending exhibitions which are relevant and do not require a £10,000 entry fee just to attend.

Modular exhibition stands still feature at trade shows. However, the swathes of pop-up stands and related displays mean that there is the space for even small companies to shine. As the pop-up stand begins to reach the point where it is older than some of the people attending the exhibition, it’s understandable to begin looking towards modern alternatives which cater to the contemporary event marketer. However, with changes in the event industry, the pop-up stand has continued to grow with demand for exhibition displays.


Pop-Up Stands
Pop-Up Stands


To Buy: All You Need to Know About Pop-Up Stands



Pop-up stands have remained popular for so long because of one factor; simplicity. If we were to travel back 40 years, a business calendar would revolve around trade shows throughout the year. Tens of thousands would be spent and huge teams would be deployed to get newly released products into the hands of influencers. Now, with the world-wide-web, there simply is no room in the budget for such an outlay. Statistics have shown that businesses are attending fewer events, instead concentrating their outreach to a select few relevant exhibitions.

As this depletes the demand for event marketers, it means that teams attending events are smaller and they require a display stand which adapts with them. This is the main strength of pop-up stands. Compact in size and simple to configure, they allow the exhibitor to travel, set-up, exhibit and pack away all on their own.

Furthermore, these events have evolved beyond just being a direct selling event. Instead, there are far more networking elements, encouraging the development of relationships and business partnerships. As such, there is no longer a large demand for custom-built, modular display stands. While the exhibition stand is there to promote branding, products and services, it serves more as a backdrop. Meanwhile, marketing tools such as product demonstrations, video and virtual reality are increasingly used to promote the product.



Not to Buy: What to Avoid When Searching for Pop-Up Stands



One of the key demands from modern exhibitors is for the exhibition stands to last the season. In this space, quality almost always prospers over the price tag. Cheaper models and cheaper alternatives are often blighted with durability issues which goad the exhibitor into spending their money over and over again. When pop-up stands rose in popularity, it was because they could be modified throughout the year. This allows them to adapt to different events without the outlay required for a new stand. Versatility should be a key priority when investing in a new trade show stand.

For a busy exhibitor, they may only change their graphic design a few times a year. That said, considering the exhibition stand will play a vital role in projecting the brand to the show floor, it is crucial to perfect the design. Blurry images, ineligible text and blinding colours simply turn away any potential clients. Despite being cheaper than modular exhibition stands, there is no reason why pop-up stands should compromise in the design. In fact, there are a variety of options available which allow the user to create a similar, eye-catching effect.

Remember, any exhibition stand is an extension of your brand and opting for a lacklustre stand and design can reflect onto you. As the pop-up stand is well-established, all it requires is a polished design to create a professional backdrop. Some modern alternatives have yet to build such esteem, so ensure all the features are thought through to ensure they are suitable for your brand.



The Alternatives



Generally, a pop-up stand drops right in the middle of what exhibition stands are available. On one end of the scale, there are cheaper, smaller options. This includes banner stands and fabric display stands which are even easier to use but lack some of the impact found with the pop-up. Then, at the other end of the scale are the bespoke modular exhibition stands. These can be extremely impressive in size and quality – however, you must be prepared to pay for such a result.

Nowadays, these custom-built exhibition stands are often only used by organisations focused on a single key event or larger businesses with a significantly bigger budget available. These stands are completely unique, making them the most effective way to promote a brand at an event. Another cost of that, however, is the logistical issues that can come with it. Due to the size and technicality of some of the pieces, they often require dedicated teams to transport them and set them up, further depleting the potential return on investment.

As manufacturers of bespoke pop-up stands for many years, our slightly biased opinion is that they hit the sweet spot for exhibition stands. They’re not overly expensive but are not so cheap as to compromise on the quality. Meanwhile, they are easy to use, taking out the stress of travelling to and from the event. When used by ourselves and our clients, the pop-up stand has proven to be a reliable companion when promoting our brand, products and services.


Pop-Up Stands
Pop-Up Stands


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