Shell Scheme Graphics

Exhibition Tables and Chairs

Shell Schemes are often provided by exhibitions and trade shows to give you the bare bones from which to begin building your exhibition stand. With Shell Schemes from Go Displays, we can design and print bespoke schemes which encompass your exhibition stand. Each panel is printed using stoplight film, which helps to keep it clean and in pristine condition when in use.

As we design and print each Shell Scheme in-house, we can create a bespoke exhibition stand which is tailored to your needs. With a wide variety of lengths and widths available, the shell scheme can be adapted to suit your vision for the display. To create each shell scheme bespoke, all we require are the measurements provided by your exhibition or trade show and then we can do all the rest!

Shell Schemes are designed to provide you with the framework for a blank canvas. With Shell Scheme panels, you can immerse the stand in your branding while providing plenty of room for you to interact with clients inside. If you are looking to get that bit extra from your exhibition stand, then we are here to help with a variety of additional display tools available. If you would like to discuss our bespoke exhibition stands, then please get in touch. To do so, please call 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to

Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell Schemes from Go Displays

All the Shell Schemes featured are manufactured and printed in-house. This allows us to keep a close eye on the quality of all the products we produce to guarantee they meet the expectations of our client. Every panel undergoes extensive quality checks throughout the printing process to ensure the image is clear and concise. As a result, they are pristine and ready to go as soon as they arrive with you.

We print each Shell Scheme panel using high-quality pigment-based inks. This helps to create a rich and vibrant image, which guarantees to bring out the best in your graphic design. Then, once the panel has dried, we can then apply a layer of laminate which helps to prevent it being damaged by nicks and scratches, particularly when they are in transport. This is available as either a gloss or matt laminate.

If you are heading to your first exhibition or are simply in need of a new design for your shell scheme, then we are here to help. With our in-house graphic design service, we can create and develop a bespoke design for your exhibition stand. All we require from you is a few ideas, a company logos, some images and a snippet text, then our experienced graphic designers can create your bespoke artwork. If you wish to find out more about this service, then please give us a call on 01733 232000 or send us an e-mail at

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