Promotional Counters and Why They Are Valuable Additions to any Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions have the potential to be lucrative for companies who establish an effective strategy. But for all the guides and tips & tricks out there, unfortunately there is not one definable way that success is built upon. Each exhibition is unique and there are fine margins between creating a strong exhibition stand and one which simply fades into the background. We’ve written extensively in the past about how to go about designing exhibitions stands and how to prepare for exhibitions. One aspect we are going to look into more detail with are promotional counters otherwise known as exhibition counters.


These have become a bit synonymous with shopping centre displays where a member of staff would hurriedly try to give you a taster of some fancy new cheese with lumps of fruit in it… hmmm not for me, thanks. But we are beginning to see more companies embrace promotional counters and transform them into effective marketing tools at exhibitions. They serve the same purpose as their supermarket counterparts; a forefront to the stand which acts like a magnet to pull potential clients in from the show floor. We would never advocate actively trying to grab passers-by, but with a bit of ingenuity mixed in with your product and exhibition counters can go a long way to boosting your ROI.


As humans we are quite fickle things; if we see something bright and sparkly, we are naturally drawn to it, which is why large organisations commit huge amounts towards making remarkable exhibition stands. Now, that’s not exactly possible for smaller companies, but this is not a reason to think the same effect cannot be achieved on a smaller budget. Some of the best ways we’ve seen promotional counters being used are as showcases for products, tasters, freebies or promotional content. Especially when you are proud of the products you manufacture or the service you provide, it is more important than ever to give it a platform to thrive.


Promotional counters come in a range of shapes and sizes including as portable carry cases which allow the stand to maximise efficiency without holding back the quality. As you move up the spectrum, there are more deluxe versions such as the Phoenix Promotional Counter which begin to shrug off that image of being sat in a supermarket aisle. If the budget allows for it, then wood or glass counters are the obvious way to go. Offering elegance combined with the style, these are excellent choices assuming you are prepared for the logistical nightmare of transporting them to the exhibition.


Intuitive design means that promotional counters now incorporate far more practical features such as being able to double up as a carry case which is particularly useful for smaller teams travelling to exhibitions. As part of the Phoenix Promotional Counter, there is a graphic wrap included which simply melds itself the frame and thereby ensuring that it integrates with the overall design of the exhibition stand. One thing which will always put off potential clients is clutter, and promotional counters excel in being able to reduce and mask the amount of equipment that you have, allowing the spotlight to shine firmly on your brand, products and services.


So, from its origins being a tacky stand set up to shove experimental food in your hand, to becoming part of prestigious exhibition stands, there are some wonderful benefits by integrating an exhibition counter into your display. If you would like any further information on the Phoenix Promotional Counter or any of the other exhibition counters that we provide, you can give us a call on 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to [email protected].


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