How to Create a Professional Brand Using Graphic Design


There is swathes of information out there on branding, but that can do very little to truly explain how to create a great brand. Pretty much any major company you can recite has an effective brand because it is what makes them memorable and is a contributing factor as to why consumers continue to go back. Having a strong product or service will be the most crucial factor to success, that much is obvious, however being able to make the most of this potential will rely on developing an image and a message which will resonate from the people who purchase from you. Humans are fickle things and if you cannot grab their attention in just a few seconds, then they will keep looking until something does.


Consider What Really Matters:


Branding starts well before you sit down to start with graphic design. This is especially the case if you are interested in getting it professionally made as design and print can cost you dearly if it is not up to scratch on your first attempt. If you consider that your logo will come to define your brand for years to come, then it is vital that time is spent creating an image and a single phrase if necessary which reveals the core of what your company is truly about. As we are all consumers, it is easy to appreciate that we do not want to trawl through corporate nonsense, so apply this experience to your own branding.


Don’t Just Join the Crowd:


A lot of start-ups like to consider themselves to be unique, but then drivel off the same spiel about being innovative, eco-friendly and are more than likely to be based ‘in the heart of the nation’s capital’. Now, there is nothing wrong about this, but once people have seen it once, then they have definitely seen it a thousand times. Define your company with a single phrase; one which is not overloaded with so many adjectives that it doesn’t make sense, and not ripped from every other hopeful start-up. Consumers like to a feel an emotional attachment when purchasing something, so focus on why you are passionate about your company and take advantage of it by using your brand to emanate it.


Why Branding Really Matters:


Even if your product or service is ground-breaking, they all have their life cycle. But there is a very good reason why Coca-Cola or Innocent Smoothie stay on top. This is because the strength and integrity of their brand keeps them in the mind of consumers and ultimately keeps them ahead of the competition. Before commissioning any graphic design, lay out which attributes you wish to convey and make a list of the qualities that your business believes in. These will vary between industries, so consider what issues matter for the consumer. It sounds simple, but if you give them what they are looking for, then they will do business with you.


Topics to Consider When Designing:


In terms of features to consider when creating graphic design, the final hurdle is to consider who your target audience is. If you are marketing to professionals, then a bright design with fluffy text and a cartoon image hardly suggests you are the type of business they want to be working with. Consider their age group, whether they are male or female, their profession, in fact absolutely everything. If you can utilise aspects they can relate to, then that immediately provides a firm foundation which is going to grab their attention.


Tell a Story:


Any brand is carefully crafted and like any other design, requires diligent preparation and execution. Especially if you are creating a start-up and with so many areas to consider, the brand can be seen as a short-cut, but in reality, it serves as the shop front for your organisation. If you are walking down the high street and you see a shop window with no arrangement and something completely irrelevant thrown in sight, then there is very little motivation or intrigue to go and find out what they have to offer.


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