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Why Exhibitions Are Still a Valuable Tool for Small Businesses

In the digital world where marketing and advertising is moving online, question marks have been raised whether attending exhibitions is still viable for small businesses. With television and physical advertising seemingly dominated by national companies, the internet has provided a place where smaller businesses can be heard through the use of targeted advertisements. However, exhibitions level the playing field by creating a highly competitive environment, but one in which small businesses can thrive through intelligent marketing and a passionate team. Being the loudest does not equal results on the show floor and the potential to make a name for yourself amongst industry professionals provides a fantastic opportunity for your company.

While marketing casts a wide net which tries to pull in any interested parties, with an exhibition it is guaranteed that industry professionals will be attending. Being able to attract just one of these to place an order or even to decide to work with you, can be as beneficial as hundreds of those smaller leads. Being able to interact with these people on a personal basis offers a far more significant foundation to develop long-lasting relationships which can help to grow your business in the future. Many exhibitions now host social events in the evenings which is a fantastic chance to talk to people on a more casual level where your passion for your company and what it does can really begin to show.

The experience as a whole can be a very valuable learning experience, especially for new and growing companies. Firstly, creating your exhibition stand is a unique experience which forces you to really consider your brand and what will help it to stand out against the competition. Planning for this can help to streamline your message as well as the overall design of your brand. Furthermore, you can practice your marketing approach, such as how you interact with interested parties and the best ways of describing your products and services in a succinct manner.

The most obvious advantage is that exhibitions provide a direct way of creating contacts as well as a list of potential clients which can bolster growth for your company for the year to come. Everyone in attendance at exhibitions are looking for other companies to work with, which is particularly useful for B2B companies who can generate orders which far surpass one individual. Ensure you take business cards and work on your 30 second sales pitch and you can build a list of potential leads which can provide a quick influx of business. It is worth considering that marketing is a far longer term approach and developing a successful strategy can take months or even years to develop.

By pitting yourself against competitors both large and small, this provides a great opportunity to take note of their strategy and how you can hope to emulate it with yours in the future. Innovation is a key way of standing out from the rest and the unique displays of others in your industry can spark ideas for your own branding. You can't expect to get the marketing of your brand right the first time and in the realm of online marketing, it can be tough to see the results of what you do other than sales figures. On the show floor, you can grasp genuine opinions of your approach from industry professionals and gain valuable advice about how you can adapt and improve it in the future.

Exhibitions offer a fantastic platform to launch a new product or service and get feedback immediately. Rather than having to wait for those sales figures, the show floor provides you with the chance to speak with industry professionals who can give an experienced response on the product itself as well as your marketing approach. If you put in the work beforehand, you can generate anticipation for those attending with the opportunity to have a hands on experience with your launch which hopefully should lead to a list of potential clients.

The reasons why small businesses should continue to attend exhibitions is overwhelming as the face-to-face experience is invaluable and can provide instant and professional advice from the leading figures in your industry. There is no guarantee that your first exhibition will be a success, but these events provide the opportunity to learn and there is plenty to be consumed on the show floor which you can take away and implement in marketing strategies in the future. If you are interested in attending an exhibition and are looking for an exhibition stand, then our team of advisors would be more than happy to help and provide advice on how you can make your display a success. Simply give them a call on 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to

Why Exhibitions Are Still a Valuable Tool for Small Businesses


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