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Which Exhibition Stand is Right for You?

Exhibitions offer a fantastic arena to network and interact with industry professionals. The design of the exhibition hall places each company in a similar sized plot, which is what makes them such an effective place to attend for businesses of any size. With a level playing field, each business has the opportunity to exhibit what makes their brand unique, and this is something which money cannot buy. Exhibitions on the whole range from large halls designed specifically for exhibitions to smaller local events which brings businesses in the area together. Most companies will only choose to attend a few events a year, which makes it important to get the design right so that you can make the most of the time you spend there.

There is a wide range of exhibition stands available, which can become a bit confusing to know which will efficiently use the space you have available. In this space, quality always comes out on top over quantity, which is why picking out the biggest stand you see is not always the best method to find success at exhibitions. Instead, we are going to talk through the options available, highlighting the benefits of each and examining the environments which they are most effective in.

Pop Up Display Stands:

The tried and tested stalwart for exhibitors across the country. Pop Up Display Stands have for a long time been the go to solution for many exhibitors. Each is designed to fill and make the most of the exhibition space you have, and this is combined with an outstanding graphic which displays your brand, products and services. Pop Up Display Stands are available in a host of shapes and sizes, allowing them to adapt to the environment.

Commonly, you can find them in a 3x3 format, the conventional size of most exhibition spaces. However, they are now manufactured at taller and shorter heights as well as in wider designs so that exhibitors can effectively use the space they are provided with.

What has made the Pop Up Display Stands so popular is the relatively simple design which means they can be transported and set up by two or even just one person. While SMEs may not be able to send the large teams that bigger competitors can, with a Pop Up Display Stand, they can make the same impact without the added cost. All of the equipment required neatly packs away into a wheeled storage case, making Pop Ups both efficient and effective.

Flexible Display Stands:

Modern designs have extended beyond the linear structure of the Pop Up Stand, and Flexible Display Stands now provide far more versatility to effectively utilise larger as well as more awkward spaces. Using a panel and pole system, Streamline Display Stands can be configured from simple straight designs to wave effects or even a cylindrical exhibition stand. Such a flexible design means the Streamline Display Stands can be used to create truly unique exhibition stands which grab the attention of footfall.

Streamline Display Stands are most effectively utilised when you have large or awkward spaces to exhibit in. With wider spaces, a simple, flat backdrop can look uninspiring, therefore the flexible system can help to make the area look more enticing and stand out against your neighbours. This also means it can adapt around other features you hope to include, such as seating areas or counter stands. Because of the potential that Streamline Display Stands have, they are often best utilised by medium sized companies, but if you have a fantastic idea in mind, then there is no reason why they can't work for you.

Pop Up Banners:

Exhibitions can become quite costly events, in fact, in the past many exhibitors opt for a 'build a burn technique', thereby using an exhibition stand for only one event. However, there is no reason why this has to be a strategy for everyone. This is what has made Pop Up Roller Banners such a popular choice for years. The versatility provided makes it a great standalone exhibition stand as well as a complimenting element for a larger exhibition stand. As the graphic rolls away effortlessly into the base, this means the Pop Up Banners can be easily taken away and utilised again at meetings and other exhibitions.

Being adaptable as well as reusable is what has made Pop Up Banners such an excellent addition for start-ups and small companies starting to make their presence known. Even at smaller local events, the Pop Up Banners provide a professional backdrop which offer an insight into your brand, products and services. At Go Displays, we have now developed the Switch Banner which adds further versatility by introducing an interchangeable banner which allows you to change the graphic for each event you attend whilst cutting the cost long term.

Custom Exhibition Stands:

The final option is often preferred by large companies who have the budget to spend on large exhibition spaces and spectacular displays stands. Custom Exhibition Stands are designed with the client in mind and incorporate a host of different elements to create a unique and attention-grabbing display. These are often at the high end of the price spectrum as each is individually manufactured for the client and due to the varying nature of exhibition halls, they are often only suitable for single events.

Custom Exhibition Stands require a large team to manage and operate them, however the payoff is that you can create a memorable exhibition stand. This is the best option if you have a unique idea in mind that cannot be fulfilled through conventional exhibition stands. If you are still unsure which exhibition stand would suit the event you are attending, or you would like further information on the potential of any of the exhibition stands, then please feel free to get in touch by calling 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to

Which Exhibition Stand is Right for You?


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